SILVERLIGHT CONTROL (LIST BOX, RADIO BUTTON, CHECK BOX, COMBO BOX) WITH MVVM Getting Started You need to have Silverlight 3.0 or 4.0 framework installed on your PC for implementation of SILVERLIGHT CONTROL. We can create Sliverlight application for SILVERLIGHT CONTROL. 1.  Create a new Silverlight application. Open Visual Studio 2010 > File > New Project > Select the language (C# or VB.NET) > Select ‘Silverlight’ in the Project Types > from the templates, select Silverlight Application from the installed templates and enter a name for the application 2.  On clicking OK, 3.  First create “ModelBase” class. Code like. 4. Now, you have created “Country Model” class inside “Model” Folder. Code like 5. Now, you have created “RelayCommand” class inside “Control Command” Folder. Code like 6.…

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Store Data in IList Using Domain Services

1. First declare IList variable like 2. Second call domain service Function (“GetCitiesQuery”) like 3. End the last create Call Back Method

Hide or Show textbox on dropdown onchange event

you will easy to Hide or Show textbox on dropdown onchange event. Following two Step: First Step: to create java script function Download Source code:=>HideorShowTextboxInDropdownOnchangeEvent.rar   Second Step: Html Code

Popup using jquery

This jquery is used for popup. for this you need to have three java script files. 1. you can download file from here. jquery-1.3.2.js 2. Here another file is called jquery-1.js you can copy code from here. 3. Here another file is called jquery.helper.js you can copy code from here. Now the CSS applied for this is below. Now here sample HTML code is provided which will help you to make page

Javascript and JQuery function not working in update panel

Hello Friend, we have face Javascript and Jquery function not working in update panel. Here we have give the solution of above error. Declare one Java jscript funtion on your page. like Declare Script Manager in your page. Please note must we need this function under in script manager. Now Declare update panel in your web page

Split Function

Retunrs table after breaking stringby given delimiter. Call this function.

Usage of Ajax control in

Price Formate using in ajax control in Time Formate File Up loader Script validation Html code .Cs File code and web.config file code

Remember Password in

Remember Password using simple step.. Html Code Page Load Event set textbox using cookies value ‘Set cookies to remember user name and password

Start Date and End Date validation in

Start Date and End Date validation using ajax. you have first add ajax toolkit in your project. Download Source code:=>StartDateAndEndDateValidation.rar Script Validation Html Code .Cs Code

Linq to DataTable

First Declare  DataClassesDataContext object. Here code to convert Linq query to DataTable.