Change Joomla Article Title Style

hello friends, if you want to change joomla article title style like h2 tag to h1 tag in joomla go to joomla/components/com_content/views/article/tmpl/default.php go to line 35 or find line and change you want.

Add own site logo in wordpress login page

hello friends, put the bellow code in your theme function.php file

Different Product Layout by Category wise in wp-ecommerce

Hello Friend, using this code you can display different product layout by category wise

Dropdown Binding in MVC

Hello Friend, Here we have gave demo for dropdown binding in MVC. Download Source code:=>DropDownBindingInMVC.rar 1. Create Model For assign dropdown value in View. 2.Controller pass model to view . 3. View Code Look Like below You can get Selected dropdown value using Model.CountryId 4. Final Out put Thanks, Please share it.

Check string is valid number

Hello Friend, Here we have give demo to check string is valid number or not. Download Source code:=>StringIsValidNumber 1. JavaScript Code 2. HTML Code 3. Final Output is look like below.   Thanks,

Save file using live url

Hello Friend, Here we have create one function to save file using live url.

Check URL is exists or not

Hello Friend, Here we have give simple demo for check URL is exists or not. we have create one function for check url is valid or not. the function is return true if url is valid else return  false. Please check below function.   I hope this function is help you.


Data validation is very important for all sort of data driven applications and websites. It is a purifying process where it ensures only valid data is being saved into the database. By default Silverlight doesn’t give any visual feedback when the data binding system encounters error relating to incorrect input. But what it does is, it rejects data internally.  At this point the user is under the impression that data has been saved. Yes, it would be nice if the Silverlight data binding engine notify or alert us through visual feedback when there is a violation of rules. Let’s start with simple application which will give us a simple basic ground for future advanced investigation on data validation Getting Started Download Source Code => ControlValidationManagement.rar You…

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CONVERTER Converters can change data from one type to another, translate data based on cultural information, or modify other aspects of the presentation. For examples of some typical converter scenarios, see “Data Conversion” in Data Binding Overview. The IValueConverter interface and then implement the Convert and ConvertBack methods. Convert : Modifies the source data before passing it to the target for display in the UI. ConvertBack : Modifies the target data before passing it to the source object. This method is called only in TwoWay bindings. Getting Started Download Source code:=>ConverterTestApplication.rar You need to have Silverlight 3.0 or 4.0 framework installed on your PC for implementation of converter. We can create Sliverlight application for Converter. 1.  Create a new Silverlight application. Open Visual Studio 2010…

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Insert Multiple Row in Database using Silverlight with Entity Framework

1. Create your table look like 2. Then after create store procedure code like sp_xml_preparedocument returns a handle to the memory representation of XML document created with the second argument. This handle is later used in OPENXML function. OPENXML provides a rowset view over an XML document. sp_xml_removedocument removes the internal representation of the XML document specified by the document handle and invalidates the document handle. 3. Update your ‘Ado.Net Entity Data Model’ 4. Now import store procedure in your ‘Ado.Net Entity Data Model’ 5. Then after code in your “Domain Service” code like 6. Build your solution 7. Now code in your “XAML.CS” file or where you needed this code like.