Hello World in MVC 3.0

Create Hello world application in MVC 3.0

Getting Started

You have need to MVC 3.0 and .Net framework 4.0 installed on your PC for implementation of Hello World in MVC 3.0

Download source code => HelloWorld.rar

1.  Create a new Asp.net MVC 3 Web Application, Open Visual Studio 2010 > File > New Project > Select the language (C# or VB.NET) > from the templates, select Asp.net MVC 3 Web Application from the installed templates and enter a name for the application.


2. On clicking OK.
3. Next step select Project template “Empty” and View Engine “Razor”


4. On clicking OK.

Now you can see some folder is create in your project like below image.











5. Now right click on Controller folder -> Add -> Controller for add new controller in your project.

6. Enter your controller name Like Home.








7. Now Click on Ok Button. Your controller is created. and you can see one method is create “Index”.

8. Right Click on “Index” or inside Index method and Click on Add View.

9. Now you can see one popup is open. Give your View Name and click on Add Button.SaveView













10.You can see your view is created.



11.Now press F5 to Run your application.

12. Check Result

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