Give the link to original piece of content in view of drupal


Follow the bellow steps to give the link to original piece of content in view of drupal Go into the “Fields” section, add a new field and choose “Content: Path”. In the properties, click on “exclude from display” so it doesn’t show up in the results Choose “Rearrange” from the Fields section dropdown and re-order the fields so that “Content: Path” is above the field that you want to rewrite as a link Edit the properties of the field you want to rewrite as a link and check “Output this field as a link”. If you scroll down in this section you will see an area marked “Replacement Patterns”. You should now see that the replacement pattern “[path]” is now available. If you put “[path]”…

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Ip to Country


Hello Friend, Using this service you have get visitors Country information like Country Code, Country Name,Capital,Currency Code,Currency Name and Country Dialing Code. For testing you can enter any valid Ip address in below text box. If you want this service please contact us.

Country Wise State

Hello Friend, Here we have provide country wise state list for education purpose only. You can download country wise state list SQL Script here Note: We have note give any guaranty for this information may we some country and state name missing from this list.    

Entity Framework with Silverlight and WPF

ADO.NET ENTITY FRAMEWORK USING (SILVERLIGHT AND WCF) The ADO.NET Entity Framework enables developers to create data access applications by programming against a conceptual application model instead of programming directly against a relational storage schema. The goal is to decrease the amount of code and maintenance required for data-oriented applications. Entity Framework applications provide the following benefits: Applications can work in terms of a more application-centric conceptual model, including types with inheritance, complex members, and relationships. Applications are freed from hard-coded dependencies on a particular data engine or storage schema. Mappings between the conceptual model and the storage-specific schema can change without changing the application code. Developers can work with a consistent application object model that can be mapped to various storage schemas, possibly implemented in different…

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Dropdown cascading in mvc 3

country wise state

Hello Friend, Here we have gave demo for Dropdown cascading in mvc 3. Using following step. Download source code => Dropdowncasceding.rar Step 1 First create model One for Country and Second for State like below. Country.cs Here we have create property lstCountryList for bind country list and lstStateList for bind state list. State.cs Step 2 Create controller Casceding.cs Step 3 Create view Index.cshtml Step  4 Now run application Final output like below Out put         Thanks, If this article help us please share it.

Contact Us form in MVC 3.0 with Captcha


Hello Friend, Here I have gave demo for Contact Us form in MVC with Captcha. Download Source Code :=>ContactUsFormInMVC3.rar Result. Check All Validation Captcha Validation Email Successfully send Now start coding. Step 1. Create model ContactUs.cs Captcha.cs  Step 2. Create Controller CaptchaController.cs ContactUsController.cs Note Please set your SMTP detail in above code. string SmtpServer = “smtpServer”; string SmtpUser = “UserName”; string SmtpPassword = “Password”; string SmtpEmailFrom = “Email From”; string EmailTo = “Email To”;   Step 3. Create view _Captcha.cshtml _InvisibleCaptcha.cshtml Index.cshtml Thanks.

Kendo UI Chart

Kendo UI is a 3rd party control dll which is a part of Teleric controls. It is very usable and more interactive controls which can be implemented to MVC architecture, HTML, PHP and ASP.NET Here I introduced the “Kendo UI Chart” controls and demo links. “Kendo UI Chart” provides different type of charts such as Bar chart, Line chart etc with very customized and dynamic functionality. It also support the theme builder. You can see the demo at here : You can download the full code with dll of “Kendo UI Complete” from here

Select all check box in MVC


Hello Friend, Here we have give demo for Select all check box in MVC with jQuery Following below step. Download Source Code :=> SelectAllCheckBox.rar 1. Create Model : Here we have create “MdlStudent.cs” 2. Create Controller :Here we have create “StudentController.cs” controller. 3. Add View : Create Strongly typed view look like below.  4. jQuery Code : Create jQuery Function For Select all Checkbox. 5.  View :   Create View 6. Ouput Run your project click on top first check box for select all check box. Get Selected id to Click save button to get selected id.

Hello World in MVC 3.0


Create Hello world application in MVC 3.0 Getting Started You have need to MVC 3.0 and .Net framework 4.0 installed on your PC for implementation of Hello World in MVC 3.0 Download source code => HelloWorld.rar 1.  Create a new MVC 3 Web Application, Open Visual Studio 2010 > File > New Project > Select the language (C# or VB.NET) > from the templates, select MVC 3 Web Application from the installed templates and enter a name for the application. 2. On clicking OK. 3. Next step select Project template “Empty” and View Engine “Razor” 4. On clicking OK. Now you can see some folder is create in your project like below image.                   5.…

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Add Dropdown for Main Menu in Drupal7

hello friends, if you want to add drop down to main menu item then open your template.php file of your theme Replace below code By below code Use below code to where you want to dispaly main menu